Monday, August 27, 2012

Recent Projects

I get in a creative moods and that's what happened this past week. Take a look at what me and my husband handcrafted this past weekend together! What to have him help me with next......?

Decorative and Functional Kitchen Trellis
I found this idea in a book (501 Decorating Ideas under $100- Better Homes and Garden)
We bought the plywood, Caleb, my talented husband used a jig saw to cut out the design I drew, add some paint, nails, hooks, and screws and voila!

Mason Jar Hanging Light
After browsing Pinterest and looking at so many things you can do with mason jars I decided on this one. Grabbed some wood, had the hubby drill 1 in holes in a pattern we predetermined, glued and nailed the lids to one side and then spray painted. Next we screwed the jars in and after adding jute hangers on both ends and screw hooks to the beams on our back porch I hung it up and stuffed christmas lights through the holes from the top.

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