Monday, May 13, 2013

Before & After: Closet Organization

Our guest bedroom doubles as my craft room as well as storage for other various items such as camping and photography gear. The closet has a weird dropped floor inside and basically everything was thrown on the floor or piled up on the one shelf near the top. Nothing was hanging in the closet so a lot of space was being wasted. I decided to get creative and measured and designed a free standing shelf system to place inside to make more use of the space we had. Caleb then double checked all of my measurements and adjusted to account for the 3/4 in boards we would be using. Being his awesome engineer self he made a blue print on the computer and we were able to determine how much lumber we would need to get from Lowes ahead of time.

We had to account for the brackets from the shelf already in the closet and along the way we decided it was unnecessary to keep to top board with the 2 in cut out and also easier to eliminate that. Below is the before and after and the rest of the pictures show the process and total transformation. 

 It was a mess before! 

Caleb and I cut and screwed everything together in our outbuilding and then applied
two coats of white paint.

We put hooks on both sides of the closet and hung our backpacks
and organized all of our outdoor gear.

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