Thursday, May 9, 2013

Busy Body

That's what me and my husband have been the past couple of months- busy bodies. We recently moved out of our rental house and bought our first home! It's exciting to finally be able to paint walls, hang whatever we want on the walls, plant a garden and flowers, etc. We've been so busy trying to get the house ready for family and friends to visit that I have forgot to post. Sorry :(

So I have some catching up to do and should be posting a lot within the next couple of days. I recently received a Pioneer Woman cook book for my birthday (Thanks Ginny!) and have been making recipes from it that I will be sharing. I also just got my new sewing machine in last night so be expecting some sewing project posts in the near future. Caleb and I have also been doing a lot of  remodeling and upcycling with the house that deserves some post attention. Stay tuned!

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