Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes and Strawberry Vinaigrette Salad

Yesterday's meals were very delicious. I had found a recipe on pinterest for a homemade strawberry vinaigrette and whipped that up a couple days ago while making strawberry rhubarb crisp. I changed some things again though because I did not want any spiciness to mine so I left the jalapenos out as well as the shallots and poppy seeds (mainly because I didn't have any available at hand :) The sweet and tart flavor combinations are wonderful and it was super easy to just blend all of the ingredients together in a blender.

I went outside and picked some fresh greens that I had planted earlier this spring- spinach, red leaf lettuce, and butter crisp lettuce. Yummy and oh so fresh! I then added slices of tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and then sprinkled on some cheese. Last touch... drizzling the vinaigrette over the top. 

Now for dinner...

Another Pinterest recipe for quinoa, poblano, and corn stuffed tomatoes. This was my first time ever working with quinoa and it reminded me of cous cous. This recipe sort of had a lot of steps and time waiting for the tomatoes to drain but the end result was well worth the work. Even the husband liked this vegetarian dish!

The tomatoes were stuffed, topped with cheese, and then baked for 15 minutes. 

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